When not to Fast

Bible Reading: Acts 27: 1-44

And while the day was coming on, Paul besought them all to take meat, saying, This day is the fourteenth day that ye have tarried and continued fasting, having taken nothing. Acts 27:33

The act of fasting and prayer is a constant practice in the Bible. It is necessary for Christians to fast regularly for spiritual insight and free from Satanic bondage. There are some problems that will not give way unless we pray with fasting. Fasting is abstaining from food. Water is not food. You may take water during fasting especially when it is many days of fasting. During the days of your fasting, you give yourself to prayer, study of God’s word, and worship. The question is, can I just fast habitually without a purpose. No, except you are doing it for health purpose. If you are under your father’s roof or you are a married woman, and if the father of the house said no fasting today you have to obey. If your fasting is affecting your health you should quit fasting. Paul told the people to stop fasting and eat. From today, know when to fast and when not to fast.

Prayer Point: Lord, give me the insight to fast on purpose in Jesus name

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