Poor in Spirit

Text: Matthew 5:1-3
Memory Verse: Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3
MEANINGFUL PERCEPTION OF THE POOR IN SPIRIT: Psalm 49:6-8, Revelation 3:17-22, John 9:26-34.
Poor in spirit means the humble who rate themselves insignificant and not the proud or arrogant. These are the first recipients of the blessedness of the kingdom.
Being poor in the spirit does not mean poor in substance. There are people who are poor in substance and yet are very proud. It does not mean the poverty-stricken people. A person may be poverty-stricken and yet not be poor in spirit. It does not mean those who live  in penury and starvation. There are those who are in penury and starvation but will reject help because of the pride in their hearts.
The poor in the spirit is one that realizes that he has nothing to pay for his salvation but relies on Christ completely for his salvation. The poor in spirit and the proud in spirit are different. In fact, you cannot be poor and proud in spirit simultaneously.
When you realize who God is and who you are before him, pride will have no place in you and even after you have been born again; you will maintain an attitude of humility in your relationship to him.
MERCIFUL PROMISE FOR THE POOR IN SPIRIT: Matthew 5:3, Luke 15:17-24, Prov 22:4
To acknowledge that it is only God that can meet your need and that nothing else qualifies you to receive from the Lord is poverty of spirit that God blesses. Everyone is a real beggar in the spirit of the Lord.  But everyone who refuses the offer of salvation and passes to the great beyond becomes a miserable beggar.
When we come to the Lord with a humble spirit and with the understanding of our poverty of spirit, trusting only in His mercy, He gives us salvation. This is because Jesus paid for it, so we possess it freely. If we are poor in substance, He also gives us His substance, supply and sufficiency.
As you remain poor in spirit and depend upon the Lord, He gives you strength to live righteously and power to be victorious over sin when you call upon him. The Lord protects you from the wicked in the world because He is the defense of His people.
Great and marvelous are God’s promises for the poor, humble, lowly, and penitent who are always and completely leaning and trusting only in the grace of God. He is blessed on earth, and He will be forever blessed and happy in heaven.
Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases Psalms 103:3
Human beings are prone to errors.  We all make mistakes.  If God is to mark iniquity, no one will stand.  If not for His abundant mercies our sins, errors and iniquities would have long thrown us out of the race of life.  But thank God who forgives all our iniquities.  There are times when mistakes and errors seem unavoidable and you suddenly see yourself fall into a trap, regret follows, you bend your heart in humility and repentance and His forgiveness immediately is released.  The fact is that, the wrath of God is better than the kindness of man.  If God had been very strict on every word that comes out of our mouths, certainly, we all stand condemned.  Stop talking as if you are personally righteous.  The criminal who had his sins forgiven is more useful to God than the self-righteous old church member who prides himself in his personal holiness.  Grace is more available to those who recognize that they are not worthy before God but are just beneficiaries of the generous grace of God.
Question: Will a believer that committed just one sin go to hell?

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