Love Your Enemies

Text: Matthew 5: 43-47

Memory Verse: But I say unto you, love your enemies, that ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven Matt 5: 44-45

PRAY FOR YOUR ENEMIES: Luke 22:47-51, Acts 7:51-60, Ps 35:11-15

By birth, by nature and by practice, we have all been children of disobedience, children of wrath, children of this world, children of the wicked one, and children of the devil. Only by conversion, through repentance and faith in Christ, do we become children of God. As children of God, we manifest the character of God. With the Spirit of God living and abiding in us as God’s children, we bear the fruit of the Spirit and love in all its gracious expressions. This love is most visible and noticeable in our actions towards our enemies. These are not imaginary or supposed enemies; these are active enemies. They openly and actively reveal themselves as our enemies by cursing us, speaking evil of us and to us, wishing evil to come on us; showing hatred to us through their attitude, actions and words; despising, insulting and attempting to hurt us and our interests; persecuting us, causing us emotional and physical pain.

By their actions, they demonstrate plainly and clearly that they are instruments in the hand of the Enemy of our souls. What is the reaction of a true child of God to human enemies? “Love them, bless them, do good to them, pray for them”

The first thing is to forgive them because without such forgiveness we cannot love them as Christ commanded. Then we pity them and pray that they might repent, turn from sin and Satan to God and righteousness,  to escape eternal judgment and the condemnation of enemies of righteousness.

GIVE TO YOUR ENEMIES: Luke 6:32-36, Acts 14:15-17, Matt 20:20-23

God’s children are to be like their Father Who is in heaven. In what way? God gives sunshine and rain, fruitful seasons, harvest, and food to the just and the unjust. We, as children of God, should also give appropriate and good things to our enemies. Yet, here we must “rightly divide the Word of truth.”   We cannot give to anyone, friend, or foe, that which belongs to God only. Our heart, worship, life, talent all belong to God. Also, we cannot give to anyone, brethren or enemies, that which only God, not man, can give. Only God can give salvation, spiritual gifts, ministry, heaven, eternal rewards. And we cannot give to our enemies what God has commanded specifically to be given to Him, to His Kingdom or to our families and children.

What then are we to provide and give to our enemies? “Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him: if he thirsts, give him drink” Love him: forgive and give.




All flesh shall perish together, and man shall turn again unto dust. Job 34:15

A person who can make use of his mind and think wisely will find God.  Great Philosophers like King Solomon were able to discover God later in their lives by their ability to reason and think rightly. I believe that if everyone sits down and thinks about the fearful realities of eternity, we will obviously seek God better than this. Have you ever asked yourself; “what is the end of man?” The fact that you are gradually aging is a confirmation of eternity. “All flesh shall perish (die) together and man shall turn again unto dust”. Did you hear that? Death and grave may be scary but the hope of the righteous is glory. The best way to be part of God’s eternal glory is to be identified with Jesus on earth.  Are you born again?  What type of Christian are you?  Does your conscience continually judge you for the things you do in secret?  These questions are helpful if we are to escape wrath, God’s wrath.  The end of the wicked is pitiable.  Pursuing money, power, and fame at the expense of your salvation is gross foolishness. Without Jesus, life becomes a disaster.  A fish that prefers to stay in the forest rather than the river obviously needs to be examined if truly it is a fish. If all you are living for do not include Jesus, something is wrong.

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