Knocking Heaven’s Door

TEXT: Matthew 7:7-11

MEMORY VERSE: knock and it shall be opened unto you Matthew 7:7

KNOCKING- IMPORTUNITY IN PRAYER: Matt 7,7,8; Luke 11:5-10, Heb 4:14-16

It is obvious that the Lord is teaching us and calling us to importunity in prayer. We often give up too soon, just before the door to heaven’s storehouse is opened. Our lack of supply is often the result of our lack of importunate supplication. A few of us are ignorant of what is in the storehouse for us. Others knock at the door of the storehouse so feebly that they are barely heard. So very few ever knock continuously with a firm hand of the prayer of faith.

Whatever our needs are, the door will be opened and we shall be satisfied with justification, salvation, regeneration, transformation, provision, restoration, imputation, sanctification, impartation, protection, preservation, and finally glorification. We are not knocking only to stop after receiving an initial supply of grace. We keep on knocking until we receive abundant grace, sufficient grace, and grace for every need.

KNOCKING-  INTENSITY IN PRAYER: Matt 7:7,8; Rom 10:1-4, James 5:16-18

The fervency of our prayer and force of our faith often shows how important our request is to us. Coming back to the illustration of knocking, the desperate man who is knocking at a door to meet a pressing need will knock differently from a casual visitor with no definite purpose. Those who knock casually in prayer often have wandering thoughts in prayer; they are formal and repeat the same phrase each prayer time; they do not have any specific need in prayer; they habitually sleep off when praying; they lack the freshness of thought and have no grip of any promise of God. They do not remember what they have prayed for and they are not conscious of their spiritual state: like the Laodiceans, they are lukewarm in the closet, too lazy to seek urgent remedy for their spiritual malady.

The intensity in prayer is demonstrated by the righteous whose fervent prayer avails much.

Watch Jacob at Peniel, observe Elijah on Mount Carmel, kneel beside Daniel as he prays for Israel’s 70 years captivity to end, and you will catch a glimpse of what it means to knock with importunity and intensity.



All flesh shall perish together, and man shall turn again unto dust. Job 34:15

A person who can make use of his mind and think wisely will find God.  Great philosophers like king Solomon were able to discover God later in their lives by their ability to reason and think rightly. I believe that if everyone sits down and thinks about the fearful realities of eternity, we will obviously seek God better than this.  Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the end of man?”  The fact that you are gradually aging is a confirmation of the eternity flow.  “All flesh shall perish (die) together and man shall turn again unto dust.” Did you hear that?  Death and grave may be scared but the hope of the righteous is glory.  The best way to be part of God’s eternal glory is to be identified with Jesus on earth.  Are you born again?  What type of Christian are you?  Does your conscience continually judge you for the things you do in secret?  These questions are helpful if we are to escape wrath, God’s wrath.  The end of the wicked is pitiable. Pursuing money, power, and fame at the expense of your salvation is gross foolishness.  Without Jesus, life becomes a disaster.  A fish that prefers to stay in the forest rather than the river obviously needs to be examined if truly it is a fish. If all you are living for do not include Jesus, something is wrong then

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