Interpretation of God’s Law

Text: Matthew 5: 21,22

Memory Verse: ……..and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council; but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire” Matt 5:22b

CHRIST’S INTERPRETATION OF GOD’S LAW: Deu 18:18,19; Acts 3:22,23; Matt 5:21,22

The interpretation of the Pharisees and the religious leaders was limited and inadequate. They concentrated on the letter of the law and missed the spirit of the Word. By their interpretation, they appeared righteous before men and thought they were good enough for the Kingdom of God. Uninspired and unenlightened by the Spirit of God, they failed to realize that ‘God’s commandment is exceeding broad”(Psalm 119:96). Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to open our eyes and give us proper and perfect understanding. He was not a mere teacher, He was the Teacher come from God. He was not a mere man, He was the Man sent  from God. He was not a mere expounder of the law, He was taught by God, the Father. He was not a mere prophet, He was the Prophet with the full and final Word in His mouth.

He is infinitely greater than all teachers of the past, the present and the future. He is the Son of God interpreting the law of God  as it was in God’s heart. He taught the timeless truth of God’s Word with eternal, not superficial, insight. His interpretation is valid at all times. He still speaks with divine authority and everything He says is of eternal importance to us.

SPIRITUAL STANDARD CONFIRMED BY CHRIST: Gen 4:5-8, 1 John 3: 12-15, Proverbs 27:3,4

The Pharisees and scribes were shallow and superficial in their understanding of the law of God. Shallow understanding of God’s Word dulls and deadens the conscience. Superficial interpretation of God’s Word makes the guilty think that he is godly and going to heaven. Such limited understanding of Scripture is deceptive, dangerous and damns the souls of men. Christ came to give us the full revelation of God’s mind. He came to reveal the standard interpretation by which all men shall be judged when they stand before the impartial Judge of heaven and earth. God judges the outward act of sin but He does not stop there. He searches the heart and sees the thought and the motive behind the act. Angry temper often leads to acts of violence. Anger, hatred and evil intention cause great problems in society, hurting others and leading to murder and destruction of property. To be free from condemnation, we must be free from both outward sin,  hidden sin and evil in our hearts.




“For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven, whereof ye heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel” Col. 1:5.

The hope of the child of God is to make Heaven. Without this, living is useless. It is only a foolish civil servant that will not prepare for the life after retirement. Life is temporal. A reasonable person will reflect on the life that comes after the physical death. When you see people live as if there is no eternity, it is because they have allowed themselves to be blinded by the deceitfulness of this world. Wisdom makes us prepare for eternity. The greatest asset in this world is the salvation of your soul. Everything else is secondary. Riches, beauty and other mundane things do not go with the soul to eternity. If you don’t have Jesus, you are hopeless. Jesus is the hope for our souls. It is better for a person not to be born than to die without Jesus. Do you have Jesus in you? Religion cannot give hope. Only those who have genuinely repented of their sins and have accepted Jesus into their lives can have this hope. Be warned.


What do you understand by “false hope”? And how can one live in false hope?

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