God Is Love

Bible Reading: Acts 11:1-30

Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life. Acts 11:18b

Many Christians despise the unbelievers, separating themselves from them. Not wanting to associate themselves with them as if God has condemned them already. There are Christians that cannot sit with the unbelievers not to talk of eating with them.  God loves the unbelievers just as he loves the believers. Both the believers and the unbelievers are creatures of the same God just as Isaac and Ishmael are children of Abraham. There was no relationship between the Jews and the gentiles, because the Jews perceived them to be unclean, but not the case with Cornelius. The sin of the sinner is not the concern of God but his salvation. Jesus wants you out of that sin. He wants your salvation. He wants your deliverance. Irrespective of how deep you have gone into sin you can come out of it.  God wants to help you out of it. Let no man condemn you, neither condemn yourself. Jesus is right beside you to help you. Just make up your mind.

Prayer Point: O Lord, wash me with your blood and preserve my soul from destruction.

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