Faith For Miracle


Bible Reading: Acts 14:1-28

The same heard Paul speaks: who steadfastly beholding him, and perceiving that he had faith to be healed. Acts 14:9

Faith is the key to greatness. You need faith to obtain every desire of your heart.  A man of faith has the power to make all things possible.  God holds the power that makes all things possible but you have the ability to exercise faith to make things happen. With God all things are possible and with faith nothing shall be impossible.  Blessed is he that believes for there shall be performance of the word.  Faith in God brings uncommon miracle. When you believe,  God releases your heart desire. The man in the scripture above was born crippled, he had never walked in his life, but because of his belief in the word of God and in Paul, he was instantly made whole.  Have faith in God and doubt not, have faith in his prophets, and you will experience a sudden turnaround in your life. Your destiny, your success, your propriety are in your hands. Put you faith in to action. Only believe and doubt not and your desires will be met.

Prayer Point: I receive faith to move mountains and quench the fires of the enemies.

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