Utilize Every Opportunity To witness Christ

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Bible Reading: Acts 8:1-38

As for Saul, he made havoc of the church, entering into every house, and haling  men and women committed them to prison Acts 8:3

A true believer should not wait for a convenient situation to serve God.  The best time to prove your love, faith and commitment to God is when you surrender your life and your possession. When everything seems difficult and impossible for the name of God to be glorified. At the time the church was persecuted in Jerusalem, when believers were being killed because of the gospel of Jesus, instead of the apostles to abandon the preaching of the word of God for their lives, they saw it as an opportunity to take the gospel of salvation to other parts of the world. It became an opportunity to spread the gospel more. As a soldier of Jesus, you should see every situation as an opportunity to speak to someone about Jesus. There is no special time, plan or arrangement to witness for Christ.

Prayer Point: O Lord, I receive the race to convert every satanic opposition to good opportunity in Jesus name.

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