Daily Devotional: March 21, 2020 – IT MUST COST YOU A FORTUNE

Bible Reading: Matthew 19:1-30

If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou had, and give to the poor and thou shall have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. Matt 19:21

It cost God the life of his only begotten son to redeem mankind. When God called Abraham, he had to forsake everything, including his father’s household, to obey the Lord. When Jesus called his first disciples, they left their fish business, their parents and everything they had to follow

Him. Whatever you feel is too big to give to God, to you that thing is more important than God. What is it that you have that God did not give to you? What do you desire to have in life, or become in life that you do not need God? There are many people in the church who value their possession, their money, their wealth more than God. Like the rich man whom Jesus told to go and sell all he had and give to the poor so that he could build treasure in heaven and he turned and went his way. There are many so called Christians in today’s church that would prefer not to come to church than to give money for God’s work. Giving provokes divine visitation. Prayer Point: O Lord, I receive grace to serve you faithfully and with my substance.

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