Comfort for Mourners

Text: Matthew 5:4
Memory Verse: Blessed are they that mourn; for they shall be comforted (Matthew 5:4)
SIN, CAUSE FOR MOURNING: Hosea 4: 1-4, Psalm 38:3-6, 2Corrinthians 7:7-10
There was neither sorrow nor mourning until sin entered into the world. It was only joy, happiness, health, energy, courage and purpose for living. But when sin came in, sorrow, suffering, and death came in and with this came mourning.
Personal sin cuts man away from the life of God; when there is personal sin, there will be mourning. Also, when there is suffering, it brings along mourning. But the coming of Christ has brought forgiveness and salvation for sinners, joy and happiness for the sorrowful, hope for the hopeless, encouragement and uplifting for those in despair and comfort for mourners.
When there is sin and when it multiplies in the midst of God’s people, there must be mourning. God had promised the children of Israel the Canaan land but mid-way into their journey, they disobeyed God, and he decided to withdraw His presence from them. Although He was still to give them the Promised Land, He said He would not go with them but would only send an angel to go with them because of the rebellion of the children of Israel. Unlike some people with limited understanding who would have been satisfied with having a substitute, the children of Israel understood the message and mourned.
We mourn when we see that the presence of God is absent from us even though the provisions are there.
COMFORT FOR HONEST MOURNERS: Isaiah 51:11-12, Luke 16: 19-25, 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17.
There is comfort for honest mourners. God is always angry with the sinner. Sinning attracts divine judgment upon the sinner. But when there is a turning around, a sincere sorrow for sin and repentance on the part of the sinner, God turns away His anger. Thus, He comforts mourners.
God has promised to comfort His children that mourn in this life and in eternity. There is an everlasting comfort awaiting honest mourners in heaven where all sorrows, heartaches, trouble, temptations we experienced in this world will be over. When we cross over to the heavenly, sore, and the causes of sorrow, sin, sickness, and Satan will be all forgotten, and the Almighty God wipes tears from our eyes, what a blissful comfort that will be.
Whatever adverse circumstance you may be passing through now as a Christian, you must endure and hold out to the end to enjoy eternal comfort like Lazarus did.
As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth. Psalms 103:15
The glory of a man can be likened to the life span of a flower.  No matter how beautiful a flower is, it does not last too long.  Only ignorant will make a man to glory in that which does not last.  What have you that you did not get from God?  It is pathetic to see a rich man who owns houses and properties all over the places, when he dies, his last portion is just six feet down. This world’s glory is temporal and most often, deceiving.  A beautiful lady who has decided to use her beauty and fine speeches to fight God, after death, what was left of her were ugly, scaring bones!  A greedy wealthy man does not recognize money again after he dies.  Why should we lay greater emphasis on temporal values?  Man is an eternal being on a temporal visit to this world.  After death, the journey of man continues in eternity.  Friends, beware of fake pursuits.
Questions: What are temporary values? Can a Christian enjoy all the pleasures of this world and still make Heaven?

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