Causes of Delay of Blessings

Bible Reading: Roman 2: 17-29

For, as it is written: The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you. Romans 2:24 CSB

If God denies you of a miracle you have been by expecting, it means He wants you to be broken and overcome some traits in you before He gives you. No one can stop God’s plans for you, not even your family’s witches or wizards if you are broken and dead to self. If you are born again, God will not look at your enemy or background before he will bless you. He looks at you, how prepared you are to handle the blessings. If you are not ripe, the blessings will not come and God will do nothing against the family demons or curse affecting you. When you are not ripe for some miracle, the way you will handle it will be with laxity. There are some ladies and men who did not marry on time despite fasting and sowing seeds. God allowed the enemy to spoil every relationship because If they had married then, they would have not learned the lesson of life and their high lives style, Stubborn, angry, rude life will have to turn their spouses against them and cause them to regret meeting them, and such will bring blasphemy among the gentiles.

Prayer Point: I pray in the name of Jesus that I will not lose my blessing.

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