Daily Devotional | BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS Part 11

Text: Matthew 7:15

Memory verse: Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves Matt 7:15

Acts 20;28-31, Ezekiel 22;25-27, 2 Thess 2:10-12 Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Appearance can be very deceptive. Gifts without grace, charisma without character, live without life, tenderness without truth, hospitality without holiness, worship without the Lord, eloquence without enlightenment, fellowship without food for the soul, faith without faithfulness, prosperity without purity, success without salvation, revelation without righteousness, can be very deceptive in religion. Beware of ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing, destructive adversaries clothed with dazzling affection, dangerous friends(foes) clothed as delightful friends, poisonous serpents clothed as peaceful saints, cruel tormentors clothed as compassionate teachers, wicked murderers clothed as winsome messengers, determined destroyers clothed as devoted defenders.

Beware, wolves are still wolves inwardly, whatever be the outward pretense or polish. Even when they pretend and pose as shepherds, they are looking for sheep to devour, not to defend, protect or feed.

Joshua 20:12-14, Ps 10:8-10, Jer 23:11-14, Rev 2:20-26

False prophets come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves, be wise and be watchful, look beyond their outward appearance; deep beneath the outward, pleasing personality. Watch and listen to the witness of the Holy Spirit, examine the fruit of their lives and evaluate their lives..

Beware, lest you throw your soul into the claws and jaws of a ravening wolf, because of an untested assumption that you are entrusting your soul to a good and faithful shepherd. Deception is the trade of Satan and his servants, the false prophets.

False prophets so conceal and hide their wickedness and cleverly proclaim error as truth that even elites and educated people in different areas of life and discipline are easily deceived. If we are to escape the false prophets’ deception and the damnation it brings, we must diligently watch and constantly be guided by the Holy Spirit and the Scripture.


There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked. Isaiah 57:21

Wickedness does not pay. A wicked person may appear successful but his tragic end is inevitable. Every wicked person is under the curse of the Almighty. Most people do not consider the end of a thing. There is a way that seems good to a man but the end is destruction (Prov 14:12). There is a reward for every action under the sun. Delay in judgment does not mean a wicked person will go unpunished. The hobby of some people is to destroy other people. What you do for others, nature will pay you back. A wicked man may do evil and escape several times but there is always a day of reckoning. You don’t need to be a witch or wizard to be classified as a wicked person. It is the condition of your heart and your actions that define you. God sees everyone’s heart. A white set of teeth displayed does not necessarily mean that the heart is clean. Wicked thoughts make a person to be wicked. A wicked person will always be condemned by his conscience.

How can one overcome wickedness?

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