Assurance of Answered Prayer

Text: Matthew 7:8-11

Memory Verse: Father I thank thee that thou hast heard me, and I know that thou hearest me always John 11:41,42

GOD’S IMPARTIALITY: Luke 11:10, Acts 10:34-35, 43; Ps 32:6, 7,  65:2

Partiality is often found in the human family because of man’s sinful nature. Partiality, favoritism, preference, injustice and unfairness will always cause problems whether they are found in the human family or in church family. God’s word condemns partiality in clear terms and it is not to be allowed any manifestation in our families or in the church. God’s perfection assures us of His impartiality.

In His response to prayer, God is fair and impartial to all His children. “Everyone that asketh receiveth”. God is more faithful and infinitely more just than any man that ever lived. After giving us a promise, sometimes man in his earthly, sensual, devilish wisdom may find reasons and arguments not to keep those promises. God is infinitely more righteous and impartial than man. Most parents, even non-Christian parents, because of natural love and affection will provide necessities of life for their children.

GOD’S AFFECTION: Luke 11:13, Ps 103:11-13, Rom 8:14-17

By how much is God more loving, more compassionate, more benevolent, more faithful, more righteous, more gracious, more merciful than man? Infinitely more! God loves His children infinitely more than any human parent could possibly love his own offspring.

No earthly parent would want their children to be wanting or to lack good things (morally, materially and spiritually) if he could prevent it. Earthly parents do their best to provide everything necessary to keep their children healthy, prosperous and happy. God will not do less, certainly not! God in His infinite love, will do infinitely more for us than earthly parents could ever do.

Our Lord and Savior assures us of the absolute certainty of answers to our prayers. He, the Son of God, is the perfect example for all the sons of God.



Com now and let us reason together, saith the Lord; though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool.  Isa 1:18

It is gladdening to know that God is interested in meeting with people.  He wants to help you out. He wants to settle that sin problem. He wants to remove that pain of yours and take away that burden that has held you bound for long. But you must come to him first.  Jesus door has been left open for you all this while.  Everyone needs God. If the business you are doing does not allow you to come to church at all, then you better make a rethink. It was when Moses approached the burning bush that God spoke to him. Your spiritual location matters a lot. How many times did you listen to sound messages in a week?  How many times did you study and meditate on God’s word? Until you come to Jesus you cannot get His message for your life. Encourage yourself to be in the Home cell fellowship always. Identify with a Group Bible study. Do things that will make you more spiritual.  Read edifying books. Come to Jesus today even with your stained garments.  He will forgive and mend your broken walls.

Question: Who is a sinner?

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